Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a little baby lamb named Bleaty. Bleaty was born to a small flock of sheep, who roamed the hills and fields near their farm.

One day, Bleaty decided he wanted to explore the world around him more. He heard tales of a magical forest filled with wonders just beyond the farm, so early one morning he decided to head out and explore it. He scurried away, his little legs bounding across the meadow, and soon he was deep in the woods, marveling at all the different trees, plants, and creatures.

Soon, Bleaty heard a strange sound, and he stopped to listen. It was a singing voice, coming from a small clearing just ahead. He peered through the bushes and saw a beautiful fairy sitting among the trees, singing a sweet lullaby. Bleaty was so moved by her voice that he couldn’t help but join in with a loud, melodic “bleat!”

The fairy stopped singing and looked up with surprise. “Oh, hello there, little lamb,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t seen many visitors in this forest. What brings you here?”

Bleaty explained how he wanted to explore the world and how he was so moved by her beautiful singing that he just had to join in. The fairy smiled again, and she began weaving a story.

She told Bleaty of a beautiful but dangerous kingdom beyond the forest. It was ruled by a powerful king who had a massive amount of power, but was also filled with incredible beauty and bounty. She warned Bleaty that although the kingdom was wonderful, it could also be quite dangerous and filled with deceit.

Bleaty thanked the fairy for her advice, and before he left, she gave him one last piece of advice. “Always remember that true power does not come from having lots of money or influence,” she said. “True power comes from within—from having strength of character, courage, and kindness.”

Bleaty thought about the fairy’s words long after he left the forest and went home. He thought about how he could use the advice to become a better lamb and a better person in the future. He never forgot the magical forest or the powerful but gentle words of the fairy, and he vowed to remember that advice for the rest of his days.

Moral of the story: True power comes from within — from having strength of character, courage, and kindness.

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