Once upon a time, a little kitten named Ash was happily playing with its siblings in a nearby meadow. Ash’s family had recently moved to a new home in the forest, and they were loving their new surroundings.

One day, Ash and its siblings were out playing near a lake when suddenly they heard a loud noise. Ash and its siblings quickly ran away and hid behind a bush. Peeking out, they saw a huge animal with a fierce roar. It was a bear!

The bear was wandering around, sniffing and looking for food. The bear’s bright eyes glimmered with curiosity as he searched the area. Ash and its siblings were very scared, but they kept their eyes on the bear, hoping it would soon leave.

Suddenly, a small rabbit hopped out of the forest. The bear spotted it immediately and began to chase it. The rabbit was so scared that it quickly hopped away and was soon out of sight. Ash and its siblings were relieved that the rabbit was safe, but the bear was still there.

The bear did not give up and started to walk around the area. Ash and its siblings were growing more and more scared, but they stayed brave and stayed hidden. After a while, the bear eventually became bored and left. Ash and its siblings were relieved that the bear was gone, but they also learned an important lesson.

No matter how scared you are, it is important to always be brave and stay calm. By doing this you can remain safe and protect yourself without hurting anyone. Blamelessly being brave is always the right thing to do.

Moral of the story: Always be brave and stay calm in the face of danger. Blamelessly being brave is the right thing to do.

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