Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Nicole who had the most adorable smile and the most sparkling eyes. She was like a beam of sunshine that lit up her parent’s house every day.

One day, she asked her mom if she could get a special present for herself. Her mom thought it was a good idea and bought her a black coat. Nicole was overjoyed when she saw it and could not wait to wear it.

The black coat was incredibly soft, with fur running up the sides and a warm hood. Nicole wore it everywhere – to school, to the park, even to bed. It quickly became her most cherished possession.

But then winter came and the cold wind brought terrible snowstorms. Nicole’s parents worried about her being outside without proper protection, so they got her a thick woolen blanket.

Nicole was dismayed. She didn’t want to wear her woolen blanket, she wanted to wear her special black coat. But every time she had tried wearing it in the snow, she ended up soaking wet and freezing cold.

Then one day, Nicole got an idea. She put on her black coat, but underneath the coat she wore her woolen blanket. This way, she had the best of both worlds; she was warm, dry and protected from the cold, and she was still wearing her special black coat.

Nicole was so happy with her clever idea that she ran outside and played in the snow all day. When she finally came back inside, her mother was amazed at how she had figured out such a clever solution to her cold weather problem.

The moral of the story is that putting two seemingly opposites together can create something even better. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, anything is possible.

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