Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a boy named Bilic. Bilic was a brave, kind and generous boy. He was the only child of the village and was often teased because of his humble background and lack of siblings.

Bilic was, however, a very hard working child. He would burn the midnight oil and would take every opportunity that presented itself to learn more. He was even willing to sacrifice himself to help the helpless.

One day, Bilic was walking through the village when he stumbled upon a small orphaned fox cub. The fox cub was very small, and had been hurt in some way. Bilic, being the kindhearted person he was, took the cub back to his home and began to take care of it.

Bilic and the fox cub began to develop a special bond over time, and Bilic began taking him on adventures throughout the village. The fox cub was now never alone and the two of them were the best of friends.

Bilic had, however, not told anyone of his newfound companion. He was scared that the villagers might not accept the fox cub and may even be afraid of it.

One day, when Bilic and the fox cub were out walking, they encountered a wolf. The wolf was hungry and wanted to eat the fox cub. Bilic, being brave, stood in the way of the wolf and asked him to spare the fox cub’s life. The wolf was so impressed by Bilic’s courage and generosity, that he not only spared the fox’s life but granted Bilic a wish.

Bilic asked for the wolf to grant him the strength of ten ordinary people. The Wolf granted the request, and from that day forward Bilic was strong enough to protect the fox cub from any enemies.

The villagers soon found out that Bilic had befriended a fox cub and they were amazed by Bilic’s courage and kindness. They admired him and even began to treat him with more respect.

Moral of the Story: Selfless kindness can inspire others and can be truly powerful.

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