Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bide who lived with his family in a small village in the hills of India. He was a curious and adventurous boy who loved to explore the outdoors and discover new things.

One day, Bide decided to venture out on his own, deeper into the hills and unknown lands. As he explored, he came upon a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and wildflowers. He looked out over the lake, mesmerized by its beauty. He thought to himself, what could be hiding beneath the surface?

Bide decided to take a risk and jump into the lake. He swam and explored the depths of the lake, discovering a hidden underwater cave. He entered the cave and was astounded by its beauty; the walls were full of interesting creatures and plants. He swam around in awe, taking in the wondrous sights.

For hours, he explored and marvelled at the new discovery. Eventually he made his way to the surface, tired and ready to head back home. As he emerged from the water, an idea struck him: he could come back to this cave and explore it more.

So, the next day, Bide returned to the lake, bringing a bag of supplies with him. He jumped into the lake and made his way to the cave. He spent the day exploring the cave and looking at all the amazing things it had to offer.

When it was time to go home, Bide decided to take a special souvenir with him: a small stone that he had found deep in the cave.

That night, Bide shared his story with his family and showed them his souvenir. They were amazed and proud of him for his bravery and determination.

The moral of Bide’s story is that we should never be afraid of taking risks and exploring our potential. In his case, it led to a rewarding adventure and a beautiful reminder of his courage. When we take risks and explore unknown lands, we can discover amazing things and beautiful memories.

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