Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a boy named Bhagavat. He was an intelligent and hardworking boy and was the eldest of his siblings. He always helped his family with their daily chores and took great pride in his responsibility.

One day, Bhagavat went to the market with his father. He was amazed to see so many shops and people bustling around. His father bought a few items from the vegetable shop. As they were about to leave, Bhagavat noticed a small toy shop. He asked his father if he could go in and take a look. His father being a kind man, agreed, and gave him some money to buy whatever he wished.

Bhagavat went inside and saw many colourful toys, placed on the shelves. He picked up a small wooden car and started to admire its beauty. Just then, he noticed a beggar boy standing outside the shop, looking at the toys with longing eyes. Bhagavat suddenly had an idea. He started to convince the shopkeeper to sell the car to him at a cheaper price. The shopkeeper being a kind man, agreed to his request.

Bhagavat happily bought the car and went to the beggar boy. He gave him the toy as a present. The beggar boy was delighted and thanked Bhagavat for his kindness.

Bhagavat returned home with a heavy heart. He was sad to see the poverty and the helplessness of the beggar boy. He decided that he wanted to do something for the poor. He discussed the matter with his family and came up with a plan.

The following day, Bhagavat and his family went around the village to collect food for the poor. Everyone was generous and gave Bhagavat whatever they could. After a few hours, Bhagavat had collected a substantial amount of food. He and his father then went around the village and distributed the food amongst the poor. They saw the smiles on the faces of the poor and were delighted with their act of kindness.

The news of Bhagavat’s kindness spread like wildfire in the village. People started to appreciate him and his family for their generosity. The villagers were so grateful that they presented a gift of money to Bhagavat and his family. Bhagavat was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of the people.

This incident taught Bhagavat an important lesson that by helping the needy, one can get something greater in return. Bhagavat continued to help the poor and needy and always remembered the importance of kindness.

Moral: Kindness is one of the best virtues. It always brings rewards, no matter how small the act may seem.

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