Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack. He was a bright and cheerful boy who always had a positive attitude. He was very kind to others and was always willing to help out.

One day, Jack and his family went to the park for a picnic. While Jack was playing, he noticed a peculiar looking old man. The man had unkempt hair and clothes, and a stern look on his face. Jack felt a strange sensation come over him and he just had to go and talk to him.

The old man introduced himself as Banefully. He told Jack that he was a wizard who could use magic. He said that he had been entrusted with magical powers from the gods and that he used them to help people in need. Jack was amazed and asked Banefully to show him some of his magic.

Banefully smiled and showed Jack a series of magical tricks. Jack was thoroughly entertained and asked Banefully for a special favor. He asked Banefully to use his magic to make his family rich, but Banefully shook his head and said that it wasn’t possible. He explained that magic was meant to be used for good, not for selfish purposes.

Jack was disappointed, but he decided to accept Banefully’s advice. As a parting gift, Banefully gave Jack a magical ring. He said that the ring was a symbol of his promise to use magic only for good and that it would help Jack make better decisions with his life. Jack thanked Banefully and went on his way.

From then on, Jack remembered Banefully’s words of wisdom and whenever he faced a difficult situation, he would remember the ring on his finger. He used it as a reminder to think carefully before making any decisions.

Years later, Jack became a successful businessman due to making the right decisions and using his magic ring as a reminder. He never forgot Banefully’s advice which taught him to think of others first before thinking of himself.

Moral of the story: Magic should be used for good and not for selfish purposes. Always think carefully and think of others before yourself.

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