Once upon a time, there was a small village called Balibago. It was a very peaceful and pleasant village, where the people were hospitable and kind. Every morning, the villagers would start their day by greeting each other with a big smile.

Lola, who was the oldest and most wise in the village, was loved and respected by everyone. She would often give advice and life lessons to the youngsters in the village. Everyone would always look forward to the stories Lola would tell them.

One day, Lola decided to tell a special story to the children of Balibago. The story was about a young man who lived in a far away land. His name was Balibago. He was kind-hearted and had a good heart, but sometimes he was too naive and trusting. He was always trying to help others without thinking of the consequences.

One day, Balibago decided to help some poor children who were in need of food. He gave them some of his own food, but little did he know, he had given away all the food he had. Without food to eat, Balibago and the children he helped slowly became weaker and weaker.

It was then that Lola’s story took a turn. She told the children of Balibago that a kind-hearted fairy had appeared to Balibago, and had given him a magical pot. She said, “Whenever you need food, just open this magical pot and out will come all the food you need”.

Balibago was so relieved that he could now feed himself and the children he had helped. He thanked the fairy and went on his merry way.

The moral of Lola’s story was to not be too trusting, and always think of the consequences before you act. Although it is good to help others, it is also important to think of your own future too.

This story taught the children of Balibago to think before they act and to be mindful of their decisions. They learned that helping others and being generous can be rewarding, but it is important to always consider the consequences of our actions.

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