Once upon a time, there lived two chicks in a farmyard. They were of the same breed, but none of them knew which one was a male and which one was a female.

The two chicks were very curious and wanted to find out which one was a male and which one was a female. So, they decided to try something called autosexing. Autosexing is a technique used to determine the gender of a chick simply by looking at the colour of feathers.

The two chicks looked at each other and noticed that one had a reddish hue to the feathers on its wings, while the other had a lighter hue to the feathers on its wings. Using the knowledge they had gained from the autosexing technique, they figured out that the one with the reddish hue was a male, and the one with the lighter hue was a female.

Both the chicks felt relieved and excited upon discovering their genders. They had solved the mystery of their genders and were now excited to live their lives as either a male or female.

The two chicks decided to stay together, no matter what. They both agreed that they would always be there to support each other, no matter what.

Moral: It is important to accept and love each other, no matter what our gender is. We should not judge each other based on our gender but love each other for who we are. We should also be supportive and understanding of one another.

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