Once upon a time, there was a small village in the heart of the countryside. People of this village, who were mostly farmers, led a peaceful and simple life. The village was surrounded by forests and hills which provided the villagers with a plentiful supply of food they needed to survive.

One day, the villagers noticed a peculiar species of mushrooms growing on the nearby tree barks and so they decided to give it a try. This species of mushroom was called Autobasidia and the villagers collected it to use as a food source.

The mushrooms had a unique flavor and a delicious smell. The villagers enjoyed eating them and soon the whole village was consuming Autobasidia every day. They even used it as a source of income, selling them to the nearby towns and cities.

Soon, the villagers became very rich. They built bigger and better homes and had access to more luxuries than before. Life seemed to be going really well for the villagers and their families.

However, one day a big storm hit the village. It was so powerful that it uprooted the trees and destroyed the houses. Since the villagers had consumed all the Autobasidia, they had nothing to eat. The villagers were in a terrible state and many of them died of hunger and exhaustion.

The villagers learnt a lesson from this experience. They realized that everything in life has a limit and that one should always remain humble and content with what one has. Greed and pride can only lead to disaster.

Moral of the story: Greed and pride will only lead to disaster and it is important to remain humble and content with what one has.

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