Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom lived a young boy named Aurum. He was an orphan and even though he had nobody to call family, he was very happy and people often commented on his cheerful attitude.

One day Aurum was exploring the outskirts of the kingdom when he stumbled upon an old, abandoned mine. He had always been a curious boy and decided to venture in. The mine was dark and cold, but Aurum was not afraid. As he explored further, he saw a strange, glowing rock at the bottom of the mine. He touched it and felt a surge of energy run through his body. Suddenly the walls of the mines seemed to transform, and Aurum found himself surrounded by gold coins and golden artifacts. He realized that he had discovered a secret gold mine and filled his pockets with the precious gold coins.

Aurum was so excited that he ran straight home with his newfound treasure. He wanted to show everyone his incredible discovery, but first he had to find a safe place to keep it. Aurum then decided to bury the coins in his backyard and mark the spot so he could easily find it later.

For the next few weeks, Aurum was the happiest he had ever been. He spent his days dreaming of what he could do with all of this gold. He could buy a cottage in the countryside, buy his own boat to sail around the world, or even fund a charity to help other orphans like himself.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. One day, a strange man came to the kingdom and offered to buy the secret gold mine from Aurum. He had heard of the mine and was willing to pay a generous sum for it. Aurum was tempted, but then he remembered that he had already taken most of the gold from the mine. He could not sell the mine and keep the gold for himself, so he politely declined the offer.

The stranger was not happy with the answer and he threatened Aurum to make him change his mind. Aurum became scared but he still refused to sell the mine. He knew that stealing was wrong and he didn’t want to be a thief.

The moral of the story is that you should always be honest and do the right thing, even though it may not be the easiest choice. Aurum was brave enough to stand up for what he believed was right and in the end, he was rewarded for his honesty.

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