Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Aurated who was a very curious and adventurous soul. He loved exploring new places and discovering new things. He was a bit mischievous and often did things that were out of bounds.

One day, Aurated decided to explore a nearby forest. He had heard some strange noises from the forest and was eager to find out what they were. He ventured deep into the woods, making sure to keep a look-out for any sign of danger.

After some time, Aurated came across a beautiful pond. He noticed that the water in the pond was very still and the reflection of the trees and sky in it was very clear. He decided to take a closer look and realized that there were some beautiful colored fish swimming around in it. He was mesmerized by the sight and decided to take some of the fish home with him.

He gathered some of his closest friends and went back to the pond with a large bucket. They started scooping up the fish, hoping to take some home. As they were doing this, a loud booming voice called out from a nearby tree. It was the voice of an old man who had been watching their entire escapade.

The old man warned them about their actions and told them that it was wrong to steal the fish as they belonged in the pond. Aurated and his friends hastily put the fish back into the water and apologized to the old man for their mistake. The old man was understanding and forgave them without making a scene.

Aurated and his friends learnt an important lesson that day – to respect nature and its creatures. They promised to never take anything that didn’t belong to them and to always be more careful in the future.

Moral: Respect nature and its creatures, and remember not to take what doesn’t belong to you.

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