Once upon a time in a far away village, there lived a young boy named Jake. Jake was a bright and intelligent boy who was always the first one to volunteer to help the elders in the village whenever they needed it.

One day, Jake was out in the village helping to build a hut when an old man approached him. The old man told Jake that the King of the village had ordered a new audit and that Jake was one of the people chosen to do it. Jake was quite excited as he had always wanted to help the King in some way and this was the perfect opportunity for him.

The King had asked for an audit of all the village’s resources, including their land, their crops, and their animals, so Jake set out to begin his work. He visited each household in the village and carefully noted down all of the information the people gave him. He also took pictures and made detailed drawings of the area as well.

After a few weeks, Jake had compiled all of the information and was ready to present his results to the King. As he arrived in the castle, the King welcomed him warmly and expressed his gratitude for the hard work Jake had done.

The King was pleased with Jake’s detailed report and thanked him for his effort. He then asked Jake if there was any advice he would offer the village. Jake thought for a moment and then said, “My advice to the village is to always pay attention to their finances and never take any shortcuts. The audit I have done shows that the village is in a very healthy financial position and should stay that way if they continue to be responsible with their resources.”

The King thanked Jake once again and told him it was his wise words that had earned him a reward. Jake was surprised but also pleased with the King’s gesture and thanked him for such generous reward. As the King left, Jake realized that the moral of the story was that one should always pay attention to their finances and never take any shortcuts if they wanted to stay on a secure financial path.

Jake was happy that he had been of service to the King and the village and was now more motivated than ever to help in any way he could. He knew that any task he took on from now on would help him to become more responsible and a better member of the community.

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