Once upon a time, there was a small village filled with hard-working people. Everyone in the village was content and friendly with each other, and people didn’t have to worry too much about anything. However, one day, something strange happened.

A villager called Lucas had noticed a strange object on the ground. It was a small box, crafted with intricate detail and strange symbols that no one had ever seen before. Everyone in the village became curious by this strange appearance and started to wonder where it had come from.

Lucas, being the kind and curious person he was, decided to investigate further and picked it up to take a closer look at it. He found that the box had an inscription on it, written in a language that no one in the village knew.

Lucas was determined to find out where the box and its symbols had come from, so he decided to research it on his own. He started by asking the elders in the village if they had heard about anything like it before. After searching for a long time, he eventually found a book that contained an illustration of the same symbols embedded onto the box.

This discovery made Lucas even more determined to figure out where the box had come from and what it meant. He read the book, but he still couldn’t find out who had made it or why it had been left behind in the village.

Lucas then decided to take it to a nearby city to see if someone there could help him figure out the origin of the mysterious artefact. In the city, he was able to find a scholar who had studied the symbols, and he was able to explain to Lucas that the box had originated from a distant land, hundreds of miles away.

The scholar also told Lucas the story of a noble man who had crafted the box and other artefacts similar to it, as a way to express his gratitude to those who had helped him in his time of need. As a way of paying respect, he had placed the box in the village as a symbol of his appreciation.

Lucas felt a surge of happiness and pride after hearing this story, and he suddenly realised the importance of attribution. He realised that even the smallest acts of gratitude should be appreciated and attributed to the person who had done it, no matter how far away or how long ago it had happened.

Lucas was so inspired by the story that he decided to place the box back into the village, so that it could serve as a reminder to the villagers about how important it is to give people credit for their good deeds.

The moral of the story is that attribution is an important part of life. No matter how small an act of kindness is, it should be attributed to the person who did it, in order to show our gratitude and appreciation. Attribution helps us to recognise the good deeds of others and encourages us to do the same in return.

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