Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Assart. He was an adventurer, constantly exploring the nearby forest and looking for something interesting to explore. He was an energetic and outgoing child, always looking for fun and adventure.

One day he found an entrance to an unknown cave in the forest. He was so excited to explore the cave and find out what was inside. He climbed down the cave entrance and soon he found himself surrounded by darkness. He cautiously started exploring the cave with a flashlight, when suddenly his flashlight went out and he couldn’t see a thing. He felt frightened and started running back to the entrance.

In his hurry, he got lost in the cave, running in circles without any knowledge of where he was. He scrambled around the cave until he heard a low rumble and the ground started to shake. He froze, scared of what might come next. Suddenly, a large dragon stepped out of the shadows. Assart was terrified and knew that he was in deep trouble.

The dragon was huge, with a scaly green body and giant wings. He was easily three times the size of Assart. He stared at the small boy with his deep, dark eyes, and then he spoke.

“What are you doing in my cave, boy?” he asked. His booming voice echoed against the walls of the cave.

Assart was so scared he couldn’t answer. He just stared at the dragon, fear making his heart race. The dragon seemed to sense Assart’s fear and he softened his voice a bit.

“I can tell by looking at you that you are brave,” the dragon said. “I would like to offer you a proposition. If you can answer three questions correctly, I will let you go and never bother you again. What do you say?”

Assart was hesitant but he also knew he didn’t have much of a choice. He nodded his head and the dragon started asking him questions. The questions were difficult, but Assart was determined to answer them correctly.

After a few minutes, the dragon seemed satisfied with Assart’s answers and he allowed him to leave the cave. As he left, the dragon said to him, “Be brave, be kind, and always do the right thing.”

Assart left the cave, shaken but also determined to follow the dragon’s advice. He realized that the dragon had tested him not only for his intelligence but for his bravery and kindness as well. He realised that it was important to have courage and to always do the right thing.

Moral of the story:

It is important to have courage and to always do the right thing in life. Even when faced with difficult and challenging situations, we must always strive to act with kindness and integrity.

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