Once upon a time, in a small village far away, there lived an old man named Asclepiadean. He lived alone in a small hut and was known for his wisdom and kindness to the people of the village. Although he was old, he was still quite strong, and he worked hard to take care of his garden and the animals around him.

One day, a young boy named Thomas came to visit Asclepiadean. He was curious about the old man’s life and wanted to learn more about his wisdom. After some time of talking, Asclepiadean agreed to let Thomas help him with his garden. As part of the agreement, he promised to teach Thomas all the wisdom he had acquired over his years of experience.

Thomas soon discovered that Asclepiadean’s wisdom was truly special. He had a deep knowledge of natural medicine and the secrets of the earth. He would always explain patiently and thoroughly each and every one of his teachings to Thomas.

One day, as Thomas and Asclepiadean were tending to the garden together, a villager arrived with an urgent request. His child had been bitten by a poisonous snake and was in dire need of help. Everyone in the village knew that Asclepiadean was the only one who could help.

The old man quickly gathered his herbs, roots and potions and with Thomas’ help, they arrived at the village. Asclepiadean thankfully had enough of his medicines to save the child’s life, and the village was very thankful.

Thomas was amazed at Asclepiadean’s work and asked him how he knew so much about natural medicine. The old man simply smiled and said “I have been alive for many years, and have seen a lot of suffering and pain. I have learned to look to the natural world around us for answers, and to use that knowledge to help others.”

Thomas was so inspired by Asclepiadean’s words and the example he set, that he promised to follow his footsteps and use the knowledge he had learned to help others.

Moral of the story:

The wisdom and knowledge we gain from our life experiences should be shared and used to help others in need.

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