Once upon a time, there lived a kid named Arsenobenzol in a small town. He was an imaginative, creative, and curious child. He was always full of energy, no matter what the day of the week was.

One day, Arsenobenzol decided to explore the nearby woods. He walked for what seemed like hours but was actually only a few minutes. As he was walking, he noticed a strange plant. It was very tall, had bright blue flowers, and he could smell a sweet scent coming from it.

Arsenobenzol was certain he had never seen a plant like this before and he was very excited to find out what it was. He picked one of the blue flowers and brought it back home with him. When his parents saw it, they were shocked. They told him it was a plant called arsenobenzol and it was very poisonous!

Arsenobenzol was scared and knew he had done something wrong. He promised never to go near the plant again. But he couldn’t help but be curious and so a few weeks later, he decided to go back and explore the area more.

This time he found a large cave. He couldn’t help but explore it and so he went inside. He found all kinds of strange things: beautiful crystals, odd-looking rocks, and strange symbols painted on the walls.

Suddenly, he heard a loud sound and felt the ground shaking. He knew he had to get out of there quickly so he ran towards the entrance. But as he was running, a large boulder came crashing down from the ceiling and blocked his way out!

Arsenobenzol was stuck inside the cave with no way out. He was scared and thought he might never get out. He remembered what his parents had said about the arsenobenzol plant and he realized that the only thing that could help him now was the poison from the plant.

He took a few of the flowers and mixed them with some water to make a paste. He put the paste on the boulder and it started to slowly dissolve. He managed to make a small opening and slowly, he started to climb out of the cave.

When he got out, he was relieved. He knew he had done something wrong but he had also managed to use his intelligence and his resourcefulness to get out of a dangerous situation.

The moral of the story is that when in a difficult situation, it is our intelligence and resourcefulness that can help us get out of trouble. We should use our skills and common sense to make sure we don’t end up in dangerous situations in the first place.

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