Once upon a time, there lived a small village called Arminian. The village was surrounded by lush green fields, tall trees and a beautiful river, making it a beautiful and peaceful place to live.

In Arminian, there was a boy called Armin. From the time he was a child, Armin had been raised to cherish the importance of helping others. He was known for his kind heart and generous spirit and was dearly beloved by all the villagers.

One day, Armin was walking along the river when he heard a voice calling for help. He followed the voice and soon came across a little boy who had fallen in the river. Armin jumped in without a second thought and pulled the boy out.

The little boy thanked Armin for rescuing him and said he had been walking along the river bank and accidentally stepped on a slippery rock, causing him to fall in. Armin was happy to help and he and the little boy shared a nice chat.

The little boy told Armin that he had wandered into the village from a faraway land in search of some food. He said he had been travelling for days and his stomach was empty. Armin was deeply touched by the little boy’s plight and told him to come with him.

He took the boy back to the village and asked for a big meal for the boy. Everyone in the village happily provided the boy with food and a place to rest and recuperate.

The villagers were amazed by Armin’s selfless act and they praised him for his kind heart and kindness. They all realized that helping others was much more important than anything else.

The moral of the story is that helping others, especially those in need, is always the right thing to do. It is a noble act that will not only help those in need but will also spread love and kindness in the world.

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