Once upon a time there was an old wise man, who lived in a small village with his two children, Jack and Jill. The two were best friends and were always getting into trouble.

One day, Jack and Jill were playing in the forest near their village and came across something strange – a large, flat stone. They decided to pick it up and take it back to their father to show him.

When they arrived back home, their father was delighted to see them and was even more delighted with the stone. He explained to Jack and Jill that it was called an “antiphonally” and it was used by their ancestors generations before.

The antiphonally was an ancient form of communication, where two people could speak to each other from a distance. It worked by speaking into one end of the stone, and if the other person spoke into the other end, their voices would meet and the conversation could take place.

Jack and Jill were amazed by this stone and wanted to try it out, so they decided to go up to the hills near their village to talk. As they spoke, they were amazed by how loud and clear their voices were, even though they were so far away! They felt like they were talking face to face.

Jack and Jill had a wonderful time talking to each other, but when it came time to go, they realised something important – they hadn’t told their father what they had learned.

So, the next day after school, the two children went back to the antiphonally and decided to use it to tell their father what they had discovered. They nervously began to speak and as soon as their father heard them, he beamed.

He was so proud of them for sharing their story and using the antiphonally to communicate. From that day on, the two children shared stories and made memories using the very same stone.

The moral of this story is if we take the time to listen to each other, no matter the distance, we can share stories and make memories that last a lifetime.

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