Once upon a time, there lived a little boy called Johnny. Johnny was an incredibly active child and nothing seemed to settle him down – he was always running around, shouting, and playing. Occasionally, he would also suffer from violent outbursts of rage. His parents were at a loss as to how to control his behaviour, and they were becoming increasingly worried.

One day, they took him to a doctor to get help. After running some tests, the doctor concluded that Johnny suffered from epilepsy and diagnosed him with anticonvulsive. The doctor prescribed Johnny with a course of anticonvulsive medication which he was to take twice a day.

At first, his parents were skeptical. They did not believe that these pills could actually help manage Johnny’s outbursts and settle him down. However, after a few weeks, they noticed a remarkable change. Johnny was much calmer and his outbursts were greatly reduced. His parents were amazed and thanked the doctor for helping them out.

The medication worked wonders for Johnny, and his parents were immensely grateful. It enabled him to live a normal life and provided peace of mind for his parents. They realised how important it was to get medical help when there was a problem and to listen to the advice of the doctor.

It is important to remember that medical help and medication must always be taken seriously. It is essential to stick to the prescription and to always follow the doctor’s guidance. Not doing so can lead to dangerous consequences.

The moral of the story is that it is always important to take medical advice and to stick to the prescribed treatment to ensure a healthy, happy life.

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