Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Tommy who lived with his parents. Tommy was always a curious and energetic child and he had always been fascinated by stories that he heard from other kids in his neighborhood. One day, Tommy was walking home from school when he stopped at the local ice-cream store to get a treat. As he walked in, he noticed an old man sitting at the corner of the store and the man seemed to be talking to himself.

Tommy was very curious and decided to go and ask the man what he was talking about. The old man looked up and smiled at Tommy and told him that he was telling himself an anecdotal story. He then started to tell a story about a young man who was always making excuses.

The young man had failed his exams because he had not studied, and he always had an excuse for his failure. He said that his parents didn’t give him enough money to pay for his books or that he was too busy with other activities to spend time studying.

Tommy was intrigued by the old man’s story and he asked him if it was true. The old man replied with a smile, “It is true, but it has a moral. Just like the young man in my story, you should always be careful to take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t take responsibility for yourself, you will never be successful.”

Tommy thanked the old man for his advice and he started to make his way home. On the way he thought about how important it was to take responsibility for what he did. He knew that if he was going to be successful in life, he needed to be accountable for his actions.

When Tommy got home, he immediately shared the old man’s story and its moral with his parents. From that day on, he was always mindful of his responsibilities and tried extraordinarily hard to live up to them.

Through Tommy’s newfound commitment to responsibility, he was able to excel academically and become a successful and responsible member of his community. He was even able to get a full-time job and start to plan his future.

Moral of the story: We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our actions. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions can lead to greater success in our lives.

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