Once upon a time, in a small town called Alphabet Town, there lived two kids – one named Alexander and the other named Betty. Alexander was eight years old and he was born into a rich family whereas Betty was nine and had a hard life. The two children did not know each other but their paths crossed when they bumped into each other while playing in the park.

They started to become good friends and soon, Betty decided to tell Alexander about her big secret. She was a victim of a prejudice called alphabetism. According to her, her family and even her friends believed that those who have names that start with letters in the very beginning of the alphabet were better than those who have names starting with the last letters.

It made her feel completely helpless and she felt like she was going to be treated differently if people knew about her problem. She was afraid that Alexander would stop being her friend if he found out about it.

But Alexander was a kind hearted child and he was determined to do something about it. He started a campaign to bring awareness about alphabetism and to stand up for the rights of those who were discriminated against due to their names. He contacted the local newspaper and asked them to report about the issue. He put up posters in the town and started a hashtag on social media. People from all over the country started to join in the campaign and many other victims of alphabetism shared their stories.

Alexander organized a protest in the town and took Betty with him. He stood up for her and made her feel protected and accepted. The protest was a success and people all across the nation started to realize what alphabetism actually was and that it was wrong. People started to stand up against it.

Alexander and Betty’s friendship had grown stronger during this time. They became inseparable and they both started to understand the importance of standing up for what is right and not succumbing to the pressures of society.

At the end of the story, the moral to be taken away was that no matter what the odds, one should never give up and should always stand up for what they believe in. We all have a right to be treated with respect and no one should be discriminated against because of the letter their name starts with.

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