Once upon a time in a small town situated in the foot of the mountain, there was a small village called Agrin. It was a peaceful place, with vast green fields and lush forests. The people of Agrin were very friendly and helpful to each other.

One day a young shepherd boy named Sia was tending his sheep. As he was doing his work, he stumbled upon a creature he had never seen before. It was Agrin, an agrin’s a small creature that looks like a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit. Sia was intrigued by this creature, and decided to befriend it. He named it Agrin and treated it with love and care.

Day by day, Sia and Agrin became very close. They were so much in love that the people of Agrin began to refer to them as the ‘King and Queen of Agrin’.

In time, Sia and Agrin’s bond only grew stronger. Everywhere they went, people talked about them and admired them. All in all, it seemed as if they could do no wrong.

But one day, a group of hunters ventured into Agrin’s forest and caught Agrin. Sia was desperate to save his beloved Agrin, but he was too weak and powerless to do anything. He cried and begged the hunters to let him go, but they refused.

The hunter’s cruel actions had a deep impact on Sia’s heart, and he was devastated. He knew he had to do something to save Agrin, and with a heavy heart he walked to the village chief’s house to seek help.

The village chief heard Sia’s stories and saw the pain in his eyes. He was furious, and immediately summoned all the hunters to his house and demanded that Agrin must be released.

The hunters had no choice but to obey the chief’s orders. They returned Agrin to Sia, who was delighted to have his beloved friend back.

From that day on, Sia vowed to dedicate his life to protecting Agrin and all the other creatures living in Agrin’s forest. He taught the people of Agrin the importance of being kind to nature, and inculcated in them the belief that all creatures have the right to life and freedom.


No matter how small or powerless we may be, our voices can still make a difference. We should never be afraid to fight for what we believe in, as kindness and compassion can help us achieve anything.

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