Once upon a time, in a small village, lived a little boy named Agitator. He was always stirring up trouble and making the elders of the village angry. He often found himself in trouble, but even then he wouldn’t stop.

One day, Agitator decided to go fishing in the river near the village. When he got there, he found that the water was very still and calm. Agitator was not satisfied with this, so he began to agitate the water. He threw rocks into the water and kicked at the surface, causing small ripples to form and spread.

The villagers soon noticed what Agitator was doing and were not pleased. They scolded him for his actions and warned him not to disturb the waters of the river. But Agitator would not listen. He continued to agitate the waters, despite the warnings.

Soon the small ripples formed by Agitator’s actions began to grow and swell. What started as a few small ripples became a raging river, and the village was soon submerged in water.

The villagers were devastated. They had lost their homes and their livelihoods due to Agitator’s actions.

The elders of the village gathered together to discuss what to do about Agitator. They decided that they would have to teach him a lesson. They brought him to the center of the village and put him in a large barrel. They filled the barrel with water and told him to stay in it until he had learned his lesson.

Agitator stayed in the barrel, surrounded by the water he had just agitated, for days. He thought about his actions, and what the consequences had been. Finally, he realized that his actions had caused harm to his village and the people he cared about. He resolved to never cause harm through his actions again.

The elders of the village, when they saw Agitator had learned his lesson, allowed him to leave the barrel and allowed him to return to the village.

The moral of the story is that actions have consequences, and it is important to think about the possible results before taking any kind of action. Just as Agitator’s actions caused harm to the village, thoughtless actions can cause harm to people, animals, and the environment. It is important to be mindful of our actions and take responsibility for our decisions.

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