Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Tanya. Tanya was a very kind and cheerful girl who always had a smile on her face, no matter what troubles she faced. She was known to be a very polite and good person, always willing to help others in need.

One day, Tanya’s parents decided to take her out of school and enroll her in a different one, a private school. From that day onward, Tanya became a very different person. She started to act in a different way, Suddenly, everyone noticed that she started to behave in an affectedly manner.

Tanya stopped greeting people and started to talk differently. She started to use exaggerated expressions and big words to express her feelings and thoughts, which was not usual for her.

At first, the people around her found it amusing, but soon they started to get tired of her behaviour. Even her parents had to step in and talk to her about the way she was behaving. However, Tanya did not change her attitude for a long time.

One day, when Tanya was out of school, she met a little old lady who was also out on a stroll. The old lady was very kind and started to talk to Tanya in her usual, gentle voice. The old lady noticed that Tanya was acting affectedly, and she told her that it was not necessary to act like that.

The old lady told her that she should try to be herself and not to pretend at all in order to be appreciated. She asked her to just be her true self.

Tanya was moved by the old lady’s words and she realised that she had been wrong in her approach. She changed her attitude and started to act in a normal manner again. Soon enough, everyone noticed the big difference in her and started to appreciate her for who she was.

Tanya also realised that by acting affectedly she was actually hurting her own self and the people around her.

Moral: Always be true to yourself and never pretend to be someone you are not. It is better to be appreciated for your true self than to be liked for someone you are not.

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