Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Aeroides. He was a very curious child and always wanted to explore and understand the world around him. He had a passion for flight and was fascinated by the sky, its vastness and never-ending horizon.

One day, while wandering around with his friends, they stumbled upon an aeroplane. Aeroides was ecstatic and was particularly drawn to the wings of the plane. He wondered how it could fly so high and far and he wanted to experience that. He pestered his friends to let him take a closer look and touch the wings, but they were all too scared of the unknown and refused.

Left with no choice, Aeroides decided to take the journey on his own. He reached out and touched the wings and the plane suddenly began to move. Instantly his heart skipped a beat with excitement and he climbed onto the plane.

The engine roared and the plane ascended into the sky. It kept climbing higher and higher, reaching new heights and giving Aeroides a view of the world he had never seen. He was in awe.

Aeroides’ joy knew no bounds as he continued to explore in the air. Although he made sure to stay safe, he was still overwhelmed and dared to take a few risks here and there.

But then, it happened. There was a sudden gust of wind and the plane viciously jolted, sending Aeroides flying off the plane. He was in shock and scared for his life and he thought it was the end.

Out of nowhere, a beautiful bird appeared and began to fly alongside him, giving him a sense of courage. Aeroides felt like the bird was comforting him.

Suddenly, during the intense descent and with the help of the bird, he managed to land safely on the ground.

When Aeroides opened his eyes, he was greeted with the worried faces of his friends who had followed him in an attempt to save him. He was embarrassed and very apologetic.

Aeroides learned a valuable lesson that day – that risk-taking, even if it is a small one comes with a risk. But no matter how tough the situation can get, we can always rely on courage and companionship to get us back to safety.

Moral of the story : Never take unnecessary risks and always keep in mind that courage and companionship can help us get through tough times.

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