Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Adnexed. He was a very spirited and active eight year old who enjoyed playing in the woods near his home and visiting his grandmother who lived in a small cottage down the street. Adnexed was always eager to help out his family and his neighbours, but he had a hard time being patient and waiting for his turn.

One day, Adnexed’s grandmother asked him to help her pick some fresh berries from the woods. She gave him a basket and told him to be careful not to pick too many of any one kind and to look for the ripest berries. Adnexed was so excited to go berry picking that he couldn’t help himself from picking as many as he could.

He soon found that the basket was overflowing with berries and he was in trouble. He had picked more than his grandmother had asked for and was sure he was going to get in trouble. He decided to hide the extra berries in the woods so he could get them later. He thought this was a great solution until he realized that he had forgotten where he had put them.

Adnexed searched everywhere and eventually he gave up and went home, feeling very discouraged. When he got home, his grandmother kindly asked him how many berries he had picked. He had to admit that he had picked too many and he had forgotten where the extra ones were.

Adnexed’s grandmother was very understanding and explained to him that it was more important to be patient and wait for your turn, than to rush and cause more trouble for yourself. She asked him to look for the berries the next day and promised to help him find them.

The next day, Adnexed was determined to find the berries, and with his grandmother’s help, he was able to find them all. That day, Adnexed learned an important lesson. Patience pays off, and when one is patient and thoughtful, good things can happen.

Moral of the story: Patience and thoughtfulness will help you in many situations, and when one is patient and thoughtful, good things can happen.

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