Once upon a time there was a young boy called Kyle who lived in a small village with his family. Kyle was a very brave and adventurous boy, always looking for new and exciting things to do.

One day, while exploring the nearby forest, Kyle got a little too adventurous and wandered off the path. Soon he found himself lost in an unfamiliar part of the forest. Kyle was very scared and wasn’t sure what to do. He wandered around for what seemed like hours, but eventually he stumbled upon an old, abandoned cabin.

When he got closer he saw that the cabin was in bad shape, with the roof caving in and the walls crumbling. Kyle was scared, but he also felt like he had to explore. He cautiously walked inside. As he stepped into the musty darkness of the cabin he heard a loud creaking noise. Kyle looked up and saw a large bird’s nest perched on one of the rafters, and inside the nest was a small, furry creature.

Kyle slowly approached the nest and the creature inside the nest slowly peered out. It was a baby eagle! Kyle was delighted! He gently picked up the baby eagle and cradled it in his arms. He noticed that the eagle had a broken wing, so he knew he couldn’t just leave it there.

Kyle knew that he had to do something to help the baby eagle. He decided to take it back to the village with him to get medical help. He carefully wrapped the baby eagle in leaves and placed it in a basket.

When Kyle arrived back in the village he was relieved to find that the village doctor was able to come to the cabin and help the baby eagle. After a few months of treatment, the baby eagle was able to fly again and Kyle happily released it back into the wild.

The moral of the story is that even if we think we can’t help others, little gestures can make a huge difference and we should never give up on doing what’s right.

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